Dr. Joseph Cipriano

Dr. Joseph Cipriano
Full NameJoseph Cipriano
BirthplaceGreenville, South Carolina
Height5′ 10” or 177cm
UniversityOakland University, Michigan
Life University, Georgia
QualificationMajor Communication (B.A.)
Doctorate in Chiropractic
Telephone+1 864-376-3143

Dr. Joseph Cipriano is a Chiropractor from Greenville, South Carolina. He is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine. He did his Bachelor of Arts from Oakland University, Michigan, and Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University, Georgia.

Dr. Joseph Cipriano is a corrective care chiropractor striving to help as many people as possible to reach their full God-given health potential Through many life experiences such as starting his career at the largest chiropractic office in the world and seeing over 2000 patients a week, Dr. Cipriano is experienced in the ups and downs in people’s lives and has firsthand helped thousands of patients reduce or even eliminate their medications and reach their goals.

Dr. Cipriano is also regular on the youtube platform and has 2.1 Million subscribers with more than 450 million views. Along with that, he also posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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Joseph Cipriano

Top 5 Video of Dr. Joseph Cipriano

2020Severe Hyperkyphosis Painful Chiropractic26 Million
2019Chiropractic cracking takes 14 years of Pain away21 Million
2018Pregnancy Chiropractic Adjustment: Week 918 Million
2019First-time Chiropractic on Female Athlete17 Million
2019Severe Hyperkyphosis starts Y-STRAP15 Million


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