Dr. Alirod MD

Dr. Alirod MD
Full NameAli Rodriguez
BirthplacePuerto Rico
Height5′ 5” or 166cm
UniversityUniversity of Arizona
University of Oklahoma
QualificationBachelor of Science (BS)
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
ParentsName Unknown
SpouseCory Maupin
OccupationObstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN)

Dr. Alirod MD is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN) from Puerto Rico. She is an alum of the University of Arizona. She is originally from Puerto Rico and moved back after her undergraduate degree for a four-year medical school program. After that, she completed her OB/GYN residency at the University of Oklahoma. She completed her OBGYN residency training in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now resides in Arizona with her husband.

More about Dr. Alirod MD

  • Alirod MD initially started her TikTok to educate and empower women about their health and bodies.
  • Her TikTok channel became famous after her video explaining how it was completely normal for women to poop during labor.
  • After going viral on TikTok, she quickly realized she needed a more permanent space for her content.
  • She also has a health blog and a YouTube channel, where people can find longer videos and in-depth articles on sex education.
  • She has over 70,000 followers on Instagram and a youtube channel with 20,000 subscribers.
Alirod MD Husband
Alirod MD

Top 5 Videos of Alirod MD

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2021The IUD: 5 Things you NEED to know | Explained50,000
20215 things I wish I knew before becoming an OBGYN35,000
2021Low Sex Drive? Female Sexual Dysfunction | Explained32,000
2021Vaginal Tearing during Birth & How to Prevent it25,000


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